Oil-Water Separators

  • Oil water separator EmCare
  • Oil water separator EmCare

Care of Tool Machine Emulsions and water based Cleaning Liquids

Oil-Water Separator Systems EmCare

























  • EmCut-110
  • EmCut-104
  • EmCut-200

Membrane Plants EmCut 

for budget-priced separation of oil water emulsions.

Applications especially by maintenance and increasing of the operation time of cleaning machines and next ultrapure water baths. Advantages:

  • Compact and ready for use plants
  • Easy operation
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized cleaning machines
  • Saving ultrapure water and cleaning agents
  • Improvement of the cleaning result
  • Reducing of the sewage costs
  • Low plant prices and short amortization time

Picture above:
Plant type EmCut-110 with 10 pcs tube membrane modules
Picture centre:
Plant type EmCut-104 with 4 pcs tube membrane modules
Picture below:
Plant type EmCut-200 with 1 piece capillary membrane module


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